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Keep cricket fair and simple. Gully Boys of Cricket features energy of global fans on key points in the game and is also a voice on sharing the 2019 World Cup Trophy. Open to all, come speak your mind on this chat. Now, in Season 2: The State of World Cricket.

On September 13 2020, at Santander Triathlon, Spanish triathlete Diego Mentrida gave up his podium finish to British rival James Teagle who made an error at a turn, meters from the finish line. In a moment of supreme sportsmanship that caught attention of the world, Diego stopped so James can cross the finish line first. In this special episode, listen to Diego Mentrida talk to host Prakash Wadhwa, about that moment, finding balance between winning and sportsmanship, and making an all important connection between sports and society.

“I didn’t want to be on the podium in that fashion, my position was behind him” – Diego

This story of grace and sportsmanship has a parallel to 2019 Cricket world cup final, meanwhile the organizers have awarded Diego with a honorary third position.

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