Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw Cricket Show

Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw Cricket Show


The second season of the Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw Cricket Show, in which we talk about cricket on a podcast. In a second season.
When our regular top order segments collapse in a heap, we need somebody at the back end of the show to get us home. Luckily, we have Michael Bevan joining us to do just that. First, he consolidates with a Short Ball segment in which we discuss his phenomenal 185* (132) for a Rest of the World XI in 2000 and the art of batting (or podcasting) with tailenders. Then he rebuilds the episode by discussing his new Batting Mentor service ( Finally, he brings us home in dramatic fashion with our ‘Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grade Cricketer?’ quiz, in which we play a quick game of ‘Guess the New Michael Bevan’. Enjoy!

Short Ball video here:

Sign up for Michael Bevan’s Batting Mentor service here:

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