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The Forever Station.


Welcome everyone to the Big Pop Theory Podcast featuring Badguy Jack and Captain Shaykesphere from Unpopular Review! 🛎️ If you like 🤼 subscribe here: 🛎️ If you like 🎥 subscribe here: 🛎 Captain Shaykesphere Twitch Page: Hey everybody! The best duo in the podcast cosmos is here for more wrestling fun. Today we talk about some wrestling news such as Nakamura battling the Great Muta on January 1st,2023, and stuff, like does the WWE female roster, needs a mid-card title on its roster and we talk about all the wrestling shows from Raw, NXT, AEW, Impact, and Smackdown. Our longest show yet and if you have any questions for us write us at Please give these Links a Follow! unPOPULAR REVIEW Wrestling YouTube: unPOPULAR REVIEW Entertainment YouTube: Shay Sawyer Twitch: Shay Sawyer Twitter: Shay Sawyer Instagram: Badguy Jack Twitter: Badguy_Jack Instagram:

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