One Dude and Some Other People Sometimes

One Dude and Some Other People Sometimes


One dude (Me!) talking about whatever comes my way. Movies, games, comics, wrestling, life stories, etc. Personal experiences and things I do on top of many other topics. Some other people sometimes (You?) stop by to talk with me. Fun, funny, and everything in between. Join me! Want exclusive content, episodes, classic episodes, and more to come? Hit this link to subscribe for only $4.99 a month!

In this throwback episode of the podcast, I sit back and watch an all time great match between Viggo LeBeau as he defended the BtBW World Title against Destruction at the first ever No Turning Back on TV. BtBW Adrenaline aired a two night special of their “Wrestlemania”, No Turning Back 3. The main event was the Back to Basics Wrestling Championship match between the longest reigning champion Viggo LeBeau and number one contender Destruction. Similar to a commentary over the match, I give insight to the showdown. This is the first taste behind the new subscription rewards for the One Dude subscription service. In the introduction I give you the details as to what’s to expect if you subscribe!

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