On The Mat

On The Mat


Hosted by Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton of Trackwrestling.com, On The Mat talks to a number of guests related to the national wrestling scene. On The Mat is presented by Cliff Keen Athletic and part of the Mat Talk Podcast Network. Women’s wrestling pioneer goes On The Mat

One of the early trailblazers for women’s wrestling, Afsoon Johnston emigrated from her native Iran and fought for a place in the sport of wrestling in California. The first woman in U.S. history to win a medal at the women’s wrestling world championships, Johnston has been an advocate for wrestling and girls wrestling and championing the sport for people from all walks of life. Join Kyle Klingman and Andy Hamilton as they talk about the world of wrestling on the flagship podcast of Trackwrestling.com from FloSports.

Show Segments
0:35 – Keeping it Real … muto.
1:00 – Kyle starts with a rant on social media.
10:00 – Testing yourself and development at the high school level.
18:00 – Do you have to go to the big tournaments to get recruited by the big programs?
20:00 – Kyle fawning over the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
32:00 – Northwest College wrestlers battle a grizzly bear.
35:50 – Cliff Keen Beast Backpack.
36:50 – Afsoon Johnston Interview.
1:24:00 – Cliff Keen Headgear
1:25:00 – Show wrap.

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