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On this week’s trip through the Mind of the Meanie, The Blue Meanie and Adam Barnard talk about the Phillies incredible postseason, Barstool Philly “Top 10 Philly Cuisines” list, and the possible CM Punk AEW contract buyout. All of this, plus #AskMeanie!

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About The Blue Meanie:
Since 1994, Brian Heffron, known to wrestling fans as “The Blue Meanie”, has been one of the most fun loving and mischievous characters in wrestling. He’s been in ECW, WWE, various independent wrestling promotions and several independent films. He is perhaps best known for his comedy and wrestling parodies with the bWo, KISS, Col. DeMeanie, Sir Meanie, The Fabulous Ones and BlueDust. Now, he meaniesaults into the world of streaming audio, sharing his experiences in and out of the ring as well as his views on the world of professional wrestling and anything else he is passionate about.

About Adam Barnard:
Adam Barnard is a photographer, podcaster, and an award winning writer from Downingtown, PA. Since 2019, he has hosted Foundation Radio, a weekly podcast series with new episodes every Tuesday, focusing on in depth conversations and wrestling analysis. Now, Adam brings his unique perspective and incredibly dry sense of humor to Mind of the Meanie each week.

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