Coach P’s Perspective: Where Coaching, Inspiration, and Faith Collide.

Coach P’s Perspective: Where Coaching, Inspiration, and Faith Collide.


Coaching + Faith + Inspiration + Wrestling + Business + Mindset all rolled into one podcast here to serve You! If I could sum it up, Perspective w/Coach P is a podcast where all things Coaching, Inspiration, and Faith collide. If you need a pick me up, kick in the pants, or a coach in your corner, Perspective w/Coach P will help. Your host, Coach Chad Parks, is a Nationally acclaimed coach, author, and speaker. Coach Parks (aka Coach P) was a college All-American wrestler, 3 x Academic All-American, and the son of a National Hall of Fame Wrestling Coach. This background has allowed Coach P to learn and utilize principles of success that apply to numerous areas of life, such as coaching, faith, business, parenting, and self-improvement. He is also the author of the best-selling book “Game Changing Moves” and was a top 1% network marketer. Coach P has a way of helping people discover their superpowers and then use those powers for good. In this podcast, he will help you identify principles you can apply in the journey to personal growth and success. The bottom line is Perspective w/Coach P will provide you with a dose of strength to help you take on life’s most significant challenges and succeed!

Coach P speaks with Robert Carver of For the Fighters Management in this episode.

Robert Carver is a lifelong businessman who has succeeded in that field. Robert is currently the COO of Retirement Solutions Group and serves as the Founder/CEO of For The Fighters Management.

During the conversation, Robert shares his background, how he entered the business world, and his entry into mixed martial arts as a fighter manager and agent.

Grab your pen, notepad, and let’s go!

You can connect with Robert at the links below.


Facebook: Robert Carver


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