Can Crushers Wrestling Podcast

Can Crushers Wrestling Podcast


Pop open a can of your favorite liquid refreshment and slam some suds with Can Crushers! Every week we cover all major pro wrestling promotions and have in-depth interviews with respected legends and rising stars! We even cover the local wrestling scenes! Call in and leave a voicemail to be part of the show @ 814-299-6687. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! @cancrushers69 Email us

Just as The Turtles said, Mark “The Mark” & Sir Jenks are “Happy Together” once again. The guys have two weeks of wrestling to get caught up on, but first Mark brings back an old segment … Garbage Tips!! Once the guys get to wrestling they are really puzzled yet intrigued about some of the stories moving forward. What will happen at Crown Jewel? Who is the next surprise? All this and more! Please listen to the Garbage Tip, it will save a life!!

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