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An exploration of the infinite ways humans, specifically martial artists, can combine their experiences and diverse skillsets to make a meaningful impact in society.

Melike Bayram is from Essen, Germany, and has been training for over 15 years, studying Muso Shinden Ryu under Rene van Amersfoort Sensei, has achieved the rank of Iaido 4-Dan, Jodo 3-Dan, and is the chairman of the North Rhine-Westphalian Iaido Federation

Melike has been a member of the German National Iaido Team since 2014, earning the title of European Iaido Champion in 2017 , and was a member of the 2018 European Jodo Championship Team.

In this wide ranging conversation exploring Melike’s budo journey from childhood to the present, I’m consistently reminded of how important mindset is to the practice of arts like Iaido and Jodo. At the highest levels of practice and competition, the physical requirements of the art give way to mental approaches and character building.

Melike’s honest drive for self improvement was evident throughout this interview, and I’m excited that it can be shared with listeners around the world.

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