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Rear Naked Radio is the best comedy/combat sports podcast in the fucking world. Hosted by Jamie Kilstein a comedian who has not only been on Joe Rogan Experience and Conan but is also a Marcelo Garcia trained jiujitsu brown belt, and Muay Thai fighter. Jamie, his guests, and co-hosts will talk about everything from strategy, mental health, training advice and shitting on dickheads in the sport. Featuring guests from the UFC like Kenny Florian and Carlos Condit ONE fighters like John Wayne Parr and Martin Nguyen, jiujitsu phenoms like Keenan Cornelius and Claudia Do Val, and surprises like Eddie Bravo and Master Ken. Join us every Monday for brand new episodes!

Josh Barnett has been everywhere and fought everyone.

Today we talk about how to get your shit together, pro wrestling, celibacy, catch wrestling, his problems with modern BJJ, leg locks and more!

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