It’s Just A Flesh Wound Podcast

It’s Just A Flesh Wound Podcast


A Boxing Champ a Jiu Jitsu Champ and a Chump walk into a bar. Chris Algieri, Garry Tonon and Frankie Kimera talk sports, fitness and share funny stories. Get their unique perspectives on life.

Garry’s bday weekend and not responding text messages.

Garry and Chris talk about what it’s like being superstars and how life changes after 100k followers. Watch how their heads balloon up and have a pissing contest.

Find out the weirdest places the guys have signed their autographs for fans.

Frankie tries to find out if it’s still a “no homo” to have relation’s for lady boys and disguises the question as asking for a friend.

Garry lest out his inner trailer park personality.

Guys talk about aliens and superior beings.

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