Get Your Shit Together with Jess & Hil

Get Your Shit Together with Jess & Hil


2 northern gals living in the south, trying to help you get your life together. We discuss daily tasks, finances, health, career, being a good friend, organization and more. We are not perfect but we are efficient and hope to help you make your life a little easier with quick tips, hacks and insight from true professionals.

Today Jess & Hil chat with Caiti, Founder & Owner of lowercase styling where the motto is “styling in an authentic & approachable way”. She uses the keywords clarify, identify and amplify to help you find your most authentic style. We discuss dressing for your body type, traversing the emotional aspects of letting go of things that do not serve you, important staples to have in everyones closet and much more! She also shouts out some amazing people that are linked below!

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Lillian Gray:

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