The Only Constant

The Only Constant


We hope to promote the ideas of free speech, mutual respect, and active hope. We live in a time where vast amounts of information are available at the swipe or tap of a finger, but we also have to keep in mind that it has made the process of finding common ground that much more difficult. People are more than words and images on a screen. We feel through listening to anyone, we can promote more understanding and the hope that we’re more similar than we are different. People have the ability to change; change is the only constant. Minor change brings lasting hope.

On this episode of the podcast, we spoke with Nic Evans. Nic is earning his BFA in Acting from Florida State University.

Although he studies acting, Nic is especially interested in writing. He loves poetry and playwriting, having worked on over 10 original plays already.

Nic told us about his process behind writing. Early on, the way he wrote was trying to please other people, but it lacked honesty and connection for that reason. Nic decided to write about things that scared him as a way to be more honest, and it has only evolved from there.

We also learned about why Nic is agnostic, and how it bleeds into his writing. Existentialism is more and more appealing to him. He believes that doubt and faith exist together. Without doubt, faith wouldn’t be as powerful and vice versa.

Nic finds hope in passion and achieving something in a way that was unorthodox or surprising. Success comes from the hard work put into something you’re deeply passionate about.

Stay open, stay active, and keep listening.

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