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Life is hard, but when you look on the bright side, you’re making a conscious effort to see what good can come from even the hardest moments. Jenell B Stewart knows first hand how a sunny disposition can improve your mental health. And guess what else? Being positive can add years to your life! The Look On The Bright Side podcast is here to bring joy and happiness to your day. We are all about the abundance mindset!

Have you ever outgrown a friendship? Think about how many of your high school friends you still keep in contact with or if all your friends from college are still your friends now.

People grow at different rates, and our life transformations may not align with the friendship(s) we once had, but guess what? It’s completely normal! Outgrowing friendships that no longer serve us is a normal life experience. It doesn’t make you disloyal or a bad friend, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about ending an old friendship that no longer serves you. So, how do you know you’ve outgrown a friend?

In this episode, I share 3 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Friendship.


[03:39] You don’t have anything in common anymore

[05:12] You’ve created new habits

[07:53] There’s no need for shaming

[08:19] Your friendship is draining you

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