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The Chicken Mind Nuggets’s Podcast


Welcome to Chicken Mind Nuggets. The bi-weekly micro-podcast combining mindfulness, transformation, and science as food for thought throughout your day. My name is Wifey. This podcast started as an idea to share some of the concepts that I love to talk about in hopes that you can take away some mind nuggets for your mental repertoire. Each episode is designed to be under 10 minutes, so you can listen to them and digest them throughout your day. This show is not about creating a division of any set of ideas; instead, it is about exploring less than average traveled avenues of the mind. The show is not religious or biased towards anyone’s center of belief but combines multiple concepts of various life schools with scientific studies and articles along with personal experience to make an all-inclusive perspective that is open to interpretation. I am not a mental health professional, so all opinions presented in the episodes are my own and should be taken as such. The best way to enjoy this show is with an open mind and a curiosity for learning about connections that can help you live your best life.

In October 2021, I did an interview with my good friend and world-renowned psychic Chuck Bergman. The reviews are in, and you loved the episode! So I brought Chuck back for another interview about the spirit realm just in time for Halloween 2022. If you missed the last interview, or are not familiar with Chuck, let me introduce him.

Chuck was born in Jacksonville Florida and is a third-generation psychic medium, following his mother and grandmother. He realized his gifts at an early age, but kept it under wraps for years. Chuck went on to serve in the United States Navy for 4 years overseas and during the Vietnam War where he was assigned to Special Ops and Radar Operations on aircraft carriers Shangri-La and John F. Kennedy. After the military he served 32 years as a motorcycle officer, patrol officer, computer and media specialist, and accident reconstructionist in Salem, Massachusetts. Since retirement and going public as a psychic medium, the A&E Channel and The Biography Channel have featured Chuck on his own pilot program Psychic Search. Chuck has also been a repeat guest on many live radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, where Chuck and I met and began our friendship over 10 years ago.

In addition to regularly holding sessions and giving readings as a medium, Chuck has helped numerous police departments around the world locate missing persons, solve murder cases, and assist several law enforcement agencies across the country and internationally with on-going investigations. He regularly holds group and private sessions in Middleburg, Florida, and does phone readings with clients worldwide via Skype. Chuck is passionate about educating people on the concept of life continuing after so-called death. He has also completed classes in meditation techniques, psychic mediumship, advanced mediumship, and Reiki. James Van Praagh, the world-renowned psychic medium, teacher, and co-producer of the CBS drama The Ghost Whisperer, highly recommends Chuck for psychic mediumship readings and lists Chuck on his website. Chuck co-authored the book The Everything Guide to Evidence of an Afterlife (published in 2011) and wrote his autobiography Psychic Cop published in 2012.

Chuck and I did an episode on this show in October 2021, and talked about various topics such as

What is life like for you now being a liaison between us and the spirit world? How did you know you were connecting with spirits and not going crazy? Can you describe what it’s like when you are in the moment connecting with someone on the other side? Why do you think some people can see spirits and others can’t? How do we tell when a spirit is communicating with us? Why do spirits talk in clues or hints and why do they have limited time to talk to us? And more. Without further ado, let’s welcome, Chuck Bergman.

Questions for our interview 😊

– Tell us about yourself and your background, your time as a cop, and how you transitioned into a psychic
– What are some similarities between being a cop and being a psychic?
– Would you get premonitions about the event you were going to before you went there? Would the spirit talk to you about their murder before you got to the crime scene?
– How has your communication with the spirit world improved over the years?
– A lot of people have had spiritual experiences where they have seen, felt, or heard a loved one who has passed on. How do they know what they went through is real?
– Does any pain a person went through in physical life automatically disappear when they enter the spirit world? When we say, “may they rest in peace,” or, “they are not suffering anymore,” is there any truth to this?
– Has a spirit told you a purpose for the pain they went through on Earth? For example, have they said they had cancer because it was a part of their karma?
– When someone dies, do they know they are dead, or do they need help from other spirits to tell them they have passed on?
– What are some things we can all do to help us clear out our mental clutter to be able to communicate with our loved ones on the other side?
– What are some things spirits have told you that they wish they did while they were alive? Did they wish they loved more, spent time with their family more, or gave to others more?
– If we all go to the afterlife, is there really a reason to fear death?
– There is a lot going on right now. Do you find that spirits have a message of hope for the world?
– Why are our loved ones involved with some of our activities and not involved with others?
– Do you ever talk to someone on the other side and get a bad feeling, like they are a bad spirit?
– Are ghosts trapped between the physical world and the afterlife or are they in the afterlife and are able to transition to a visual form in the physical world?
– Why do you think it’s hard for people to believe in ghosts, but it’s easy for them to believe in the afterlife? When does the soul leave the body when dying?
– How can you tell when a psychic is fake?
– Do spirits say that suffering is an inevitable part of a human experience, or is suffering caused by humans?
– Are there different levels of spiritual achievement such as the normal person becomes a spirit, but a person who has done more spiritual work or saintly acts on Earth becomes a higher level spirit?

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