Nick Carrier’s Best You Podcast

Nick Carrier’s Best You Podcast


The best version of you is the version who is most competent and reciprocal. The version of yourself who is able to solve the greatest number of problems and able to take advantage of the greatest number of opportunities both of yourself and others.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to gain competence in all areas of your life: health, personal, career, financial, spiritual, and relational.

And you’ll learn how to build the strength of character to share that competence with others.

My guest on this week’s Best You Podcast episode is Randy Garn. Randy is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Partner at High-Performance Institute, and Passionate Entrepreneur! His favorite thing in the world is to help grow companies and people. He works closely with some of the world’s most recognized CEOs, companies, thought leaders, and experts. Randy has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, and Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur. He has also mastered the art of customer acquisition, marketing, sales, and how it relates to overall lifetime customer experience. Randy is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and leader. He has founded numerous companies and has also led many others to explosive growth. Randy is an alumnus of Brigham Young University, and He is also a graduate of the Owner President Management Program and an alumnus of Harvard University. Randy loves his wife Charlotte, their four beautiful daughters, and his two rowdy boys!

Check out the episode to learn more about how to develop your courage muscle, how to live a life of purpose, how to decide when to ask for help, how to stop playing it small, and so much more.


In this episode:

(These timestamps are based off of the audio only version of the episode.)

4:42 How do you think you developed your self-sufficiency?

6:10 Has there ever been a moment where you took your self-reliance too far?

8:01 How do you determine whether you’re capable of doing something on your own?

11:30 Did you have a vision 10 years ago for how you wanted to be today, and how did that vision turn out for you?

14:58 How did you break out of the mindset of thinking smaller than you should have?

19:46 What is an integrator and how did you decide to become one?

22:15 What are some of the principles that you teach leaders to narrow their focus?

24:40 How do you ensure you don’t keep your children “safe” and you let them take risks?

29:37 Randy’s 3 Keys to Getting Closer to His Best Self


Randy’s 3 Keys to Getting Closer to His Best Self:

– Do a full Ironman
– Build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God
– Be the best Dad and Husband that he can be


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