Hope In the Dark

Hope In the Dark


Who are you BEcoming as you create your best life? This podcast is a MUST for your inspiration and brain food to BEcome YOU – the version of you that you secretly know is your authentic you. Dr. Angela shares a message of radical self love. When you deeply know and love yourself, your world transforms.

We all carry worry with us, but how often do we wait for the stars to align to take the next step?

As we have this need to control in order to create, we feel the resistance of unworthiness as our heart searches for home.

But what if we surrender, take that step anyway, and let the worry happen? Instead of trying to “walk it off” or shame ourselves into overlooking these feelings of worry, what if we were to just BE with it? Without judgment while radiating love and light.

As always, I invite you in as you take this message for YOU.




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