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On the Listen to Your Body Podcast, we explore the intersection of body, mind, and soul health and help you reclaim your abilities to eat and move more intuitively, listen to your body, and trust yourself more deeply. Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and strength coach Steph Gaudreau hosts this mix of expert guest interviews and solo chats that will help you deepen your trust with food, movement, and your body. You’ll hear about Intuitive Eating, nutritional therapy, and how they can overlap to move you toward authentic health; developing a more intuitive body movement practice; mindset and mental health; building body acceptance, body neutrality, and positive body image; working with emotions and emotional health; and how to support spiritual well-being.

Society has taught us that emotional eating is bad, and we should punish and restrict ourselves for it. The issue with emotional eating is when we use food as our only tool to cope or celebrate, but it can be part of a normal and healthy way to communicate with our bodies. The truth is, sometimes your body needs to eat emotionally, but it is up to you to distinguish when you are emotionally eating for good and when you are using it as a crutch. Tapping can help you lean into this intuitively so that you can shift your focus away from restriction and towards listening to what your body needs.

Key Takeaways

If You Want To Try Tapping To Resolve Your Emotional Eating You Should:

– Shift your focus away from emotional eating being ‘bad’ and deconstruct what diet culture has taught you
– Become aware of the reason you are emotionally eating and start to trust the signals your body is sending to you
– Hold space for your goals, intentions, and what you truly want out of your relationship with food
– Practice tapping regularly to clear your anxiety and fear and address your unresolved issues around food

Emotional Eating Isn’t Always Bad

Jason Winters is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Coach, and Gold-Standard Emotional Freedom Techniques Coach. After overcoming his own battle with disordered eating, Jason pursued his passion to serve women and men still suffering from the emotional eating cycle. Now, Jason is on a mission to help empower and free you from the chains of emotional eating, diet culture, food obsession, and body hatred so that you can live your best life possible.

How To Get Clear on What You Really Want

The path of intuitive eating has changed many lives, including Jason’s, but that doesn’t mean it comes without its fair share of struggles. Society has forced us to lose our ability to trust ourselves and what the right path for us is, which is why it is so important to get clear on what you are doing, what is working for you, and what isn’t.

The first step is identifying what you really want out of your life. By holding space for your goals and intentions and doing it on your own terms, you can address your unresolved issues, learn how to acknowledge the negativity you are feeling, and most importantly, let it go.

The Beautiful Marriage Between Tapping, Emotional Eating, and Intuitive Eating

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a powerful stress-relieving technique that combines Chinese acupuncture with modern psychology to address the fear of rejecting diet culture and guide you towards a more intuitive relationship with food.

Emotional eating, intuitive eating, and tapping come together beautifully because they help you break down the fear, stress, and anxiety you may be feeling and clear out your emotions. Tapping can help you process your energy and help you feel lighter and more equipped to handle the anxiety and negativity plaguing you. By learning how to better understand your emotions, you can take back the control that diet culture has stripped you of and start listening to what your body needs.

Have you ever tried tapping? How has it helped you on your intuitive eating or emotional eating journey? Share which of Jason’s nuggets of wisdom touched you the most with us in the comments on the episode page.

In This Episode

– Breaking down all of the stigma surrounding emotional eating (5:12)
– The first thing that you should do when you want to change your relationship with food (13:56)
– Learn from a brief synopsis of EFT and tapping and why it is used (18:46)
– Why the marriage of tapping and your intuitive eating journey is so powerful and important (23:44)
– Engage in the short tapping session along with Jason and Steph (32:36)


“To shift that normal behavior around food, and to then demonize it and to shame people for engaging in it, it is a restriction of something that you want and that you need. And then it just turns emotional eating into a theme.” (7:14)

“What do you really want? I think that’s the biggest thing is identifying what you want, and getting quiet enough to hear the answer of what you really want. Because intuitive eating, and intuitive exercise, and having an intuitive lifestyle, it is really about you.” (17:42)

“Tapping allows you to come out of control and more into choice. And the way that that happens is when you are tapping on these specific points, you are breaking down the fear.” (25:18)

“It’s not just what we put in our mouth, it is our belief system. We are in choice, our affirmations you chose. So if you use someone else’s affirmation, make sure it rings true for you, make sure it is your choice.” (31:40)

“When we are repeating or you are hearing these statements being made, this anxiety, this anxiety, this anxiety, you are addressing your specific anxiety, I am addressing mine, but we are all working together.” (41:52)

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