What Didn’t Kill You with Michael Silverman

What Didn’t Kill You with Michael Silverman


“Out of Life’s School of War – What does not kill me makes me stronger” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Society lionizes the successful and celebrates the courageous, but the failures and adverse circumstances that inform the basis of future triumph and foundational viewpoints aren’t always explored in sufficient detail. In this interview-driven series hosted by Michael Silverman we explore inspiring human and organizational stories while searching for philosophies, principles, and strategies for embracing each of our own unique paths – obstacles and all.


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Having a respectable job title and making good money out of it, living in a cozy apartment in a cool and upcoming part of town, driving a luxury vehicle, and wearing fine clothes would sound like graduating from a great university and getting an MBA paid off. For most people, that would sound like a successful life, and they might be right. But when my guest got there, she looked around didn’t like what she saw. So took the leap into a totally different pursuit!

Today’s guest is Lauren Gibbs, Olympic Medalist, Bobsled World Champion, Corporate Speaker, and Director of Internal Sales at Parity. Lauren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public & Private Sector Organizations, Business, Entrepreneurship from Brown University and an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University. She won the Olympic silver medal in Bobsled in South Korea in 2018 and the 2020International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation World Championship in Germany.

In this episode, Lauren shared the story of why she decided to abandon a comfortable life and an excellent corporate job to become an elite athlete. We talked about succeeding in life, ticking all the boxes of society’s expectations and personal realization. She also spoke about how hard it was to become an Olympian, her fears, frustrations, and how it was for her, who hates losing more than enjoys winning, committing to something regardless of winning, tying, or losing.

To learn more about Lauren’s journey of sacrifice, dedication, discipline, and chase for happiness and fulfillment, tune in to Episode 21 of What Didn’t Kill You.

Some Questions I Ask:

– How did you arrive at the Team USA Bobsled team? And what brought you there? (0:47)
– Did you face a lot of friction or pushback from your circle when you sort of made these life choices? (5:22)
– You’ve been around the world competing, and you’ve actually won a World Championship, haven’t you? (9:58)
– What’s next in the Olympic journey? Are you focused on winning another one? (26:40)
– Did you start public speaking before that TEDx talk and before bobsled, or they started together? (41:21)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

– When climbing the corporate ladder is not good enough (1:55)
– Finding something worthy of leaving behind a comforting life (4:26)
– There are only two gold medals for ten of the most talented, hard-working, deserving women. (10:42)
– About training and preparation for competition, worrying about what others are doing won’t affect what they’re doing, neither what we are doing (18:55)
– Taking action, even with smalls things, in the direction we want to go is crucial (22:01)


From Boardroom to Bobsled: The Courage to Become an Olympian | Lauren Gibbs | TEDxPasadena

Book: David Epstein – Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

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