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Wake Up With Jamie Podcast


The ‘Wake Up With Jamie’ podcast is all about everyday people and their stories. We all have a story and Jamie will interview a range of different people and ask them to share their story on how they got to where they are now and where they came from. These stories will be motivational, happy, maybe a little sad at times, inspirational and the listeners (you) maybe be able to relate to some of these stories. Jamie also reveals tiny bits about himself from; travel to lifestyle and some difficult times in his life throughout each episode, listen carefully ;)On the 50th episode, Jamie will be interviewed and asked to tell his story. Happy listening 🙂

She’s motivated, she’s driven, she created something pretty amazing on Etsy!
Have a listen to Brittany talk about how to build an online business, the ups and downs of life, and creating a life and tribe she has always dreamed of.

Books that we spoke about:

– Crushing it
– A New Earth
– Relentless

Connect with Brittany:
Follow her on IG: @beawolfbiz/
Grab her course here – www.brittanylewis.podia.com
Read her eBook here – www.blanktobankbook.com
Get her Elite membership here – www.theelitemembership.com

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