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Uncover Your Magic


I believe everyone has a story to share. I’m on a journey to discover the magic nside each persons story. Each week I will introduce you to guests where I will dig deep and uncover the beautiful miracles from life and experiences to inspire and encourage you to live life to the fullest. My goal is to give each guest a platform to share their lives with the world in hopes that someone will be inspired to take action and live life with passion and purpose. Welcome to Uncover Your Magic podcast with me, Ashley Gonor.

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Do you recognize the power that you have to change your life? Through changing your mindset, owning your power, and remembering who you truly are, you have the ability to create the life you were born to live.

In this episode, I am joined by Sherry Gideons, a guest unlike any of the others I’ve had on the show. Sherry has had two near-death experiences, she has been homeless two times, competed as a professional bodybuilder, and there are so many stories from her life that will make you wonder how one person can experience so much. After the awakening of her two near-death experiences, Sherry has the same passion for helping others as I do. As a thought leader, Sherry received top honors in the health and wellness industry and continues to uncover the spiritual energy within each of us.

Tune in to Episode 51 of Uncover Your Magic to learn about Sherry’s near-death experiences, how she brought herself out of homelessness, and the insights she has uncovered throughout her spiritual journey.

Some Questions I Ask

– Can you tell us the message that you received when you were on the other side? (12:55)
– Will you explain mirroring? (19:10)
– When did you have your children? (34:35)
– How do you get your vibration up? (52:38)

In This Episode You Will Learn

– Sherry’s background (7:52)
– About your point of power (16:50)
– The habit that has changed Sherry’s life (26:00)
– About Sherry’s marriage (39:50)
– About the voice within Sherry (57:25)

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