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To Be Heard Podcast


To Be Heard Podcast is your weekly faith-filled & motivational podcast, where listeners are encouraged, culture is challenged, and the truth can be heard! Hosted by Ayana Symone, the author of “How I Fell in Love with Myself,” she aims to bring relevant messages of faith, redemption, hope & self-esteem to you & others around the world.

Season 2 of To Be Heard Podcast is a WRAP! But, before we end, I’ve got to get one final word in that NEEDS to be heard. I’ve said from the beginning that my goal for this season was for you to hear that you’re loved by Jesus in EVERY #ToBeHeardTuesday you tune into. Well, in the last episode of the season, I want to share with you the main reason why that was on my heart as much as it was. I hope that you hear it, receive it, and ultimately BELIEVE IT because none of us can afford to live this life without knowing just how much the Creator of the entire universe loves us. Thank you for being the best listeners ever! If I was going to walk through a season as crazy as this one, I would prefer it to be with YOU! THANK YOU!

In the meantime, stay connected with me over on the @tobeheardpodcast Instagram page. Season 3 sneak peeks to come! Also, be sure to sign up to become a member at to be included on all things NEW coming to the website! (YES, I mean, Book #2!) Not to mention, you will be seeing me soon this summer over at for the summer vlogs, so stay tuned for new episodes! This isn’t goodbye; it’s see you later! I love you guys! Talk to you soon!

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