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Time to Shine Today with Scott Ferguson: Our motto, creed etc is ‘We do not want ANYONE to feel like they have NOONE’. We are all about getting fired up and leveling up our life! Are you tired of the everyday humdrum life that you are living?! Don’t fret! We have been there. Time To Shine Today is a mastermind of people who are always on the lookout to pick up our next step to add to our success arsenal and then paying it forward! Just get ready to get out of your comfort zone as we at TTST are all about action and Leveling UP every day! We are stoked you are here and we look forward to connecting with you! Welcome to the Time to Shine Squad!

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode 212! Michelle Reines (Rye-ness) is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, CEO, and an ever-evolving Badass Leader. Her definition of “Badass Leader” is being intentional about who she wants and needs to be for her team. Early in her leadership journey she was an absolute ass as a boss, oblivious to the impact she was having on people. Perhaps, much like many of you, she didn’t understand the art of leading people, communicating and building a Badass Team. The people part can be the most challenging for many leaders. It certainly was for her. She’s excited to share the most impactful 12 Leadership Lessons she’s learned during her over 30-year corporate career. These stories and lessons are focused on the people part of leadership. Follow these 12 lessons and you unlock the art of leading like a Badass. Remember Our Troops! Enjoy!

Quote: Live like you are dying, your best life and tap into your potential – Michelle Reines

Knowledge Nuggets and Take-Aways:

– Focus on people over performance
– A great coach will ask powerful questions
– Work to discover your pain points and understand their impacts
– Live to have less boot in your mouth moments. (respond rather than react)

Here is a link to this episode on our website: https://timetoshinetoday.com/podcast/michellereines/

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