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When was the last time you told someone you wanted to live an ‘average’ life? Exactly, but many people end up there. Resist Average Academy is for those who want to thrive, to grow and to ensure they are never stuck. Featuring some of the world’s best entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, athletes and brands —you’ll not only be inspired, but ensure you create a life you can’t wait to wake up for every single day.

There’s a stark difference between peak performance and optimal performance.

What’s the difference?

Peak performance is a tactical, measured approach to show up on one day and crush it.

Optimal performance is showing up in the day to day challenges of our lives and doing our best.

Welcome to today’s guest on the Academy —Rich Diviney. Rich Diviney is a former Navy SEAL Commander who served up 13 overseas deployments over 21 years as an active member and officer of the armed forces’ most elite, secretive group.

Since Rich’s retirement in 2017, he has worked as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc.

Reflecting on his vast experience, Rich recently wrote a book, The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance. This book will help you discover how to fit inside a team, how to handle stress, challenges, and uncertainty, and how you can master the attributes for success.

In today’s conversation on the Academy, you’ll discover:

– How to train for optimal performance
– Why peak performance isn’t real life
– How to manage your self-talk in challenge
– Why recovery holds the keys to your growth
– The difference between skills and attributes
– Lessons from 20 years as a Navy SEAL

Ep. 201 | Maximize Your Attributes with Navy SEAL Rich Diviney

– Rich Diviney Online
– The Attributes Book

Ep. 201 | Maximize Your Attributes with Navy SEAL Rich Diviney

“Every single high-performer asks better questions.” —Rich Diviney

“Your best in the moment may be to move step by step, head down and grinding it out.” —Rich Diviney


This is why I created a special Masterclass Experience —Make 2020 The Year Everything Changed.

Inside this high-level training only my paid clients receive access to, you’re going to discover how to:

– Release overwhelm, fear and procrastination
– Get massive clarity on your vision
– Reverse engineer your goals and targets
– Step into your personal power and confidence
– Create exponential growth momentum and results

And most importantly —feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat and on the right track in your life and business.




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