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I went from winning, to losing almost everything and back to winning again. I share everything I learn along my journey, from Mindset, motivation, personal development, goal setting to relationships. We even have a challenge of the week every Sunday, designed to take you out of your comfort zone but giving you empowering results. This show is for people who want to be better today than they were yesterday. This is the whole reason Motivate Me started, we want to be daily motivational supporting voice in your ear helping you craft out a better life. I share golden nuggets of inspiration and “a-ha moments” that I pick up along my self-development journey. Every episode has the potential to transform your life …. Big claims I know, have a listen and see if I can deliver!

Good morning everyone! Thank you for listening to the podcast.

I’m your host, Dean Booty. Today is Monday, the 19th of April.

Today we are talking about how good or how bad I did last week.

And what do I want to achieve for this week?

Hope you like this episode.

Please give it a listen.

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