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Live Your Best Life Now Podcast


Welcome to The Leadership Re-Imaged Podcast (Former The Extraordinary Life Podcast).This podcast is for leaders. Leaders who desire to grow their capabilities and skills. Leaders who want to lead courageously, with Confidence and with Clarity.We believe that leaders are not born that can however be created. That is our goal with this podcast to help you become the leader your organization requires. The leader that your team desperately needs and wants. And the leader you desire to become.No matter where you find yourself in this journey you will be able to find useful content on this podcast. Tips, strategies, and best practices from individuals who are producing at a high level.Be sure to subscribe to get your weekly podcast episode downloaded automatically.

Leadership is definitely a journey that has no end. We all have room to grow. Today we will talk about task management and productivity.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to make sure your team is on task and productive.

The problem is many leaders don’t know how to support their teams in these areas. They either do nothing or they overdo task management.

Sadly, many leaders fall into the category of being too involved or not involved at all.

Not you, after listening to this episode of the Leadership Reimagined podcast you will find new tips on task management and productivity when it comes to your team.

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