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Daily Success Strategies – Jeff Heggie Coaching


As an Entrepreneur and Success Coach I know the importance of personal development, motivation, and self-education. The idea of Daily Success Strategies came when one of my entrepreneur clients asked if I could send him a daily dose of inspiration, motivation, knowledge, and accountability. As I began this process, I wanted to spread the message further and thus this podcast was created. I hope you will gain much from it and I always appreciate your thoughts and feedback because I learn a great deal from it. Thanks for listening, I wish you all the best in reaching your goals and dreams!

Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies

264: Change Your Story, Change Your Life




Change your story, change your life

When we have a story that’s holding us back, we find all the social proof all around us to tell us it’s the truth

Limiting Beliefs:

You’re not smart enough

You don’t have a degree

The stress and worry of problems are the same whether they are big or small


Small wins lead to big victories

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