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“I think if you are traveling for pleasure nowadays you are an asshole because it’s a pandemic and you are being really selfish.”

“I’m not flitting around the way I like to where I’m in a different country every week or doing trips and having adventures because to do so I feel would be really selfish and putting my personal pleasure and amusement over other people’s safety.”

“It’s become very clear to me, at least that, the world is not past coronavirus and travel is a risky thing to do especially when it involves airports and different countries and possibly you being the vector that brings coronavirus from somewhere that is high risk into somewhere that is doing their best to control it.”

“I go usually in a certain temperature range because I don’t like being cold. I go for the people that I know.”

“I was in New York for four months when New York was really doing badly and it is the longest I had been somewhere.”

“It used to be very I didn’t know where I was sleeping next week and I realized that was impacting my productivity because I was every week constantly having to figure stuff out and there was a lot of pressure to do it immediately because I really like sleeping indoors. But over the last probably two years of my travels, I started planning more in advance. I quite like that because it enabled me to do things like make plans with my friends.”

“I’ve learned I’m not very good at being spontaneous.”

“I don’t know how much anyone who’s listening knows about the cannabis industry but it is a mess. Every state comes up with their own rules, there’s no level of cohesion and a lot of the rules and a lot of the things haven’t been updated very well since legalization.”

“Parsl is working with data and it’s working with all these systems and helping them clarify and streamline and communicate.”

“I’ve been working in the cannabis industry for years. My partner has been serving edibles businesses for years. We’ve both learned so much from speaking with our speakers. I wish I had access to this years ago when I started.”

“That’s really at the end of the day, what we’re trying to help build is the edibles community because there isn’t a clear one.”

“You can’t look dumb in the quest for information. You are seeking to better yourself. You are seeking to learn more.”

“There’s a lot of information people want and don’t have access to and because cannabis used to be illegal everywhere – it still is federally – there’s a lot of misinformation and there’s a lot of lack of information. That’s what we’ve been trying to help with.”

“What’s really funny … a lot of the stigma is changing because the states are going ‘oh shit we need that tax money.'”

“Cannabis has been deemed an essential business this year and its continuing to provide tax revenue for the states and this money is desperately needed. I’m hoping that the states that have it on the ballet this fall will be greedy. Legal access that you can trust is more appealing for a lot of people than the black market.”

“I choose to focus on the progress we’re making.”

“I’m an optimist in a lot of ways. I don’t think the world is going to be over the pandemic in a year.”

“I think the last few years, I’ve realized that if there’s something I want to see in the world, then I need to suck it up and do it because I can’t wait for other people to do these things.”

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Writer. Nomad. Napper extraordinaire.
Amna is a full time world traveler, living nowhere and everywhere since 2015. The pandemic has slowed her down so she’s mostly adventuring through books and digital media this year. Professionally, she’s the Chief Growth Officer at Parsl and the co-founder of the Everything Edibles Virtual Summit. She also a freelance writer because she’s really bad at doing nothing for too long. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, especially if you’d like to talk about travel, cannabis or food.

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