Your Dose of Bliss with Migs and Louise

Your Dose of Bliss with Migs and Louise


Here’s to an hour or less discussions that aims to discuss professionals become the best version of themselves and become best in class – on their PRIME!!! You’re gonna be joined by the Philippines’ most sought-after Millennial Life and Wealth Coach, the Wolf of Manila himself, Migs Flores and one of the most inspiring young entrepreneur, women empowerment enthusiast, and the Daily Bliss herself, Louise Go.

LAST WEEK, we talked about Fear. This week, we digged deeper…A lot of people are asking me:

“I was inspired by your video. But is my fear natural?”

“Coach is my fear okay? Or am I overreacting?”

“Coach, I want to know if my fear is alright?”


Nothing’s right or wrong about fear…

Don’t blame yourself for it…

It’s all okay. Just recognize it…

And for today, we digged deeper around fear…

How will you know if it’s a natural fear or it is a learned one?

What does that mean if you just LEARN YOUR FEAR?

What’s the good news about it?

I’ll answer these questions in this podcast!

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