Just Go With It: Living Life Post Grad

Just Go With It: Living Life Post Grad


So you graduated from college, now what? Unemployed recent grads and college besties, Ashley Chavez & Abby Hunt, think it’s best to figure it out together. They explore everything related to the rollercoaster that is life in your early 20s: the ups, downs, and definitely the twists. The challenges of adulting and entering the “real world” are intimidating. Listen to them navigate life together while they interview guests. You can expect an assortment of topics, including but never limited to: dream jobs & jobs you’d never dream of, health & wellness tips, dating anecdotes & more

On this episode we’re hearing about our Halloween weekends and whether we should break out the Christmas movies yet. The rest of this episode covers ten lessons on life, love, and friendship that we took away from the bestselling book Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton *spoiler free*. We’re talking friends moving, falling in love with yourself, and learning life lessons the hard way. We conclude with a list of recent book recommendations.

If you have read this book, want to read this book, or are looking for some relatability in your 20s, this one’s for you!

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