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For Folks’ Sake is a conversation podcast hosted by a mid-20s female, Paige Folkers, and an array of interesting folks. Prepare for every topic and in the most raw and candid way.

Our first guest of Season Two is a good one, Alexis Bondarets! Alexis came to the FFS Studio to talk about her experiences being raised by immigrant parents and how different Russian-Ukrainian culture is to American culture. The traditions that her parents acquired living in Eastern European have now been instilled in her and we discuss what traditions she will pass onto her children and maybe which one will end with her. With the recent events between Russia and Ukraine, it has been an interesting time to be a part of both cultures, Alexis breaks it down for us and gives us a look into how the world has shifted in her eyes.

I am so appreciative of Alexis for coming on the podcast and being vulnerable enough to share her experiences with me. I am also thankful because she has been a supporter of the podcast since the day I started and that type of loyalty means a lot to me.

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