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Back To Center is a podcast show & Youtube Channel (coming soon) that shed’s light on life, love, men’s and the millennial struggle (Sorry Boomers!) with a funny, edgy and informative spin. “My mission is to create conversation between men and women, highlight men’s issues all from the perspective of a first generation Franco Haitian American “cisgender” male. If we can generate conversation between one another we as a societal collective can make progress without the cost of individual freedoms.” – Roy Support this podcast:

The holiday season is slowly starting to make its rounds again as the weather cools down. This year will be more of the same, food, family and good times. But, does that mean you have to sacrifice all your gym gains for these next three months? In this episode, Roy breaks down 3 ways you can keep your gains this holiday season, and jumpstart your fitness goals this coming January.

First Half – Pop Culture Topics

Second Half – 3 Ways To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

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