10 for Tweens

10 for Tweens


This is 10 for Teens + Tweens, a 10-ish minute podcast by Empowerful Girls that helps you grow curiosity, compassion, and confidence. In each episode, host Stephanie Valdez shares tools that empower girls to know they can take on the world! By discussing positive themes, exploring healthy habits, tackling tough topics and teaching girls how to handle them, Stephanie wants every girl listening to recognize her individual worth, identify her strengths (and accept weaknesses), build up her friendships, and deepen her love for herself. Stephanie is passionate about helping girls strengthen their confidence, personal development, physical and mental health, relationships, and media literacy. Stephanie is the creator of Empowerful Girls and has years of experience mentoring teens and tweens. She has a degree in Communications and a background in Journalism. She is a trained Girl Power Instructor and has studied curiosity, compassion, confidence, body image, and social and emotional learning.

Check out my interview with Athlete Mental Performance Coach Lorrine Headrick. @Lorrine.Headrick

In our conversation, Lorrine discusses:

– Emotion =/= weakness
– How your interest isn’t your identity
– If mental performance is more important than physical
– Why awareness of thoughts is a game changer

A full transcript of our conversation is available in the 10 for Teens + Tweens Ep. 050 show notes on EmpowerfulGirls.com.

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