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The world is full of people with hobbies, so why not share them with the world? The podcast, ‘Time For Your Hobby’ does exactly that. Tune in every week and listen to Alex interview passionate people from all walks of life to discuss their hobbies. Learn about the importance of having an interest outside your career, how it can play an important role in your life, and what misconceptions exist within it. So until the next episode, make some time for your hobby.
(Kim – Floral Art)

In this episode, I had the honour to have Kim as my guest. She shared with me her interest in floral art as her hobby.

Living art can create beautiful masterpieces that doesn’t only look good for the eyes, but also might smell very pleasant. Kim has transformed her floral art over the years to give that little Kim magical touch. She found interesting ways to include random items to the floral art the enhance the presentation of her work. She also gave a little tip that can be pretty helpful for those who might be interested in picking up this hobby. She said that dome flowers have shorter stems and a cool trick to make it longer while still feeding the flower, is to remove the stem and replace it with a wooden toothpick. The wooden tooth pick would absorb the water and carry it to the flower. For Kim, where there’s a will there a way.

Kim’s link:
Website: https://kimbaillie.com/
Other website: https://floralartonline.com/
Facebook Page: Floral Art Online

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