The Upside of Over

The Upside of Over


What does it mean when our world is turned upside down? What can be gained from unwelcome change and loss? How can we relate to these moments as opportunities rather than misfortunes? Trained facilitators in needs-based communication—Noam Gamady, Cat McCarthy, and Erin Ozmat—reflect on their experiences to reveal the upside of life’s many challenges. In each episode, they explore what happens when our lives are turned upside down—with topics from death, divorce, and uncertainty to failure and loneliness. By turning these hard experiences over, they show that we can look at life’s challenges with new eyes and reshape our understanding to uncover fertile ground for growth. Does failure have a bad rap? From early childhood, we are taught to value success–to prove, achieve, accomplish, and avoid the alternative (ahem, failure). Yet, most of us have experienced failure and the disappointment, embarrassment, and shame that follow. Join us as we face our Fs and turn our stories of failure upside over to uncover the lessons learned. Tip: this episode pairs well with a glass of lemonade or limoncello.

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