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The ReInvent U Podcast


The Purposely Thriving Podcast is designed to help individuals navigate the journey of their divorce/breakup with intention so that they are empowered & confident in cultivating a “life after” that embodies freedom & fulfillment. Join Relationship Exit Strategist & podcast host Tonya Carter as she provides tangible advice by focusing on essential areas such as mindset, emotions, finances, health, faith, love, parenting and relationships. These weekly conversations, solo insights & astounding guest interviews will help you elevate & evolve personally and professionally in your next chapter.

Perimenopause/Menopause is a topic where many lack the understanding on the impact that this stage can have in a person’s relationship/marriage and their livelihood.

Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, disrupted sleep, energy fatigue, and mood changes are different behaviors that could put a strain on your relationship where divorce and/or breakups becomes the next step.

On this week’s podcast, join me and “Perry: Perimenopause Community” which is an exclusive community app for women that talks about all things perimenopause as we discuss divorce, relationship exits, breaking unhealthy relationship patterns, and how to navigate your relationship as you enter the perimenopause phase.

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