Single or Divorced

Single or Divorced


I come from a high tech background working for some of the largest Tech companies in Silicon Valley. I transitioned into Coaching on Finance, Love, and Life. I’ve found light, joy, and happiness through empowering others to rediscover themselves and become their own hero. I started this work because like many of you I am a young woman who has accomplished a lot and yet all others’ can do when they find out I’m divorced is give their unsolicited disdain, pity, and advice.

Yeah we didn’t get it right the first time but what are we gonna do? Kick ourselves forever, feel constant regret, and never forgive ourselves? Heck no! Guess what we’re going to do? We’re going to walk through this awkward journey of being mid 20’s, no kids, and divorced together. Through this podcast we’re going to share real life stories from young divorcees just like you and me.

Nothing is off limits and no one is safe! What can you expect? Stories about: Unwanted divorce parties, Skeezy blind dates set by your well intentioned married friends, New social circles (Yikes!), The grimy world of dating apps (Eck!), The “I knew it wouldn’t work out” confessionals, “Well at least you didn’t have children” conversations, “Oh you’re still young, you have time” dialogues, To recovering and rediscovering yourself after Divorce

And hell we will even attempt to answer the biggest question yet. Am I Single or Am I Divorced?


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