It’s all about me

It’s all about me


Welcome Disruptors On the edge of consciousness sits a void. A dark void that no one dares travel. ‘Hic Sunt Dracones’ This is where the darkest of dark lives, this is where you will alchemise your shadows in such a fiery blaze that you will be blinded by the light. The old light grid isn’t working anymore, it’s time to create something new. There’s a new grid being built, a dark grid – where the purest of light exists. Where you create the world you want to live in based in your most ultimate truth of who you are, not who you are suppose to be. Welcome to the dark side of light.

Finding the dark, finding shadow alchemy has literally lit me up. Makes no sense right, finding the light in the dark. To me, it makes perfect sense.

I have spent so long in the actual dark, that I was not able to really see the light. I had thought I new what it was, but I was wrong. I knew there had to be more, that I could be more.

Allowing my shadows to be seen, to be heard has allowed me to truly see what they are then being able to alchemise them into their true light, their true genius self has given me everything I need to forge through and create a path that I desire. And it is not coming from my shadows, but from the purity of my own truth.

The first thing that I have noticed when I stepped into this unshadowed version of self, was how good I felt. How I was able to be turned on by life. What?! Yes, turned on by life, and don’t worry I also used to feel weird about saying something like this. How can you associate feeling good like that with life.

Well I can, and I do and I want to share how I did it and how we can all feel like that all the time.

So my new book is coming and it is going to be epic. (More on that later)

But listen in to find out how I ended up here and what it is all about.

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