Happy Even After with Ms. Renee Bauer

Happy Even After with Ms. Renee Bauer


Renee Bauer is an international speaker, author, and founder of the She Who Wins
Summit, an empowerment event created to inspire, motivate and challenge women to
move forward bravely in their personal and business lives.
Renee is an accomplished businesswoman with results in breakthrough marketing and
business strategy as well as equipping others to do the same through her Mastermind.
Her impact has been recognized by Success Magazine where she was nominated as a
Woman of Influence and with awards such as Litigator of the Year, Women-Owned
Business of the Year, and New Leaders in the Law. Renee has been featured in multiple
media outlets such as the International Business Times, Comment Central, AP News, NBC,
FOX, and iHeart Radio.
She is the founder of Happy Even After Family Law, one of the most recognizable and reputable law firms in the state of Connecticut, which she has grown to multiple seven-figures with a roster of countless high-net-worth clients. After litigating for almost 20 years, Renee was called to expand her work to help all women going through a divorce. Being the consummate dreamer and doer, Renee hosts the She Who Wins podcast, online courses, and women’s community to help women catapult their life.
Her book, She Who Wins: A Good Girl’s Guide to Breaking the Rules is being published in 2023 by Urano Publishing. She boldly and authentically shares her own stories and challenges in business, relationships, and life to illustrate how women can overcome adversity and take charge of their destiny.
Renee as a serial entrepreneur, Renee co-founded The Tarot Bridge, a tech platform that teaches Tarot Card Readers how to grow and monetize their businesses.
Renee is part of docu-series on entrepreneurial women which is 10-episode mini-series which is expected to broadcast in 2023. Her involvement in this series will include mentoring start-up female entrepreneurs, as well as investing in their promising companies, speaking on stages and on panels, and inspiring other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.
When she is not busy with expanding her own enterprises and helping entrepreneurs scale, she is heavily involved in the community being a change maker for organizations like Love 146, the Children’s Center of Hamden, and the Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services to name a few.
Renee is committed to empowering all women to redefine their sense of worthiness and purpose and to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses for elevated success. The She Who Wins podcast will tackle all topics that women face today, from business, to money, to relationships, to struggle, and rising above. Through guest interviews and solo episodes, Renee breaks it all down with raw interviews. There’s so much chaos in the world right now. It’s all over the news and social media. And if you’re not mindful of the kind of information you take in…

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