glow up or get out

glow up or get out


Going from carpool classmates to business partners and best friends, no topics are off limits for us. Diving into the beauty and pain of following your dreams in the world today, we promise to bring you some hope, laughs, realness, and the shit show that is our 20’s. Join us every Wednesday!

Follow along as we dive into the reality shows and stars that started our obsession with drama and knowing what celebrities are up to “in real life”. Also, not us hyping up Spencer Pratt’s contribution to reality TV and the Princes of Malibu. From there we discuss Laguna Beach, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Love Island UK and so many more! We could discuss reality shows and stars all day long but we tried to cram as much as possible under an hour. Whether these reality stars ended up on a spin-off reality show, left fame for a CEO lifestyle, or started a podcast, we cover it all.

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