Get Out of Your Own Way with Brittany A Johnson

Get Out of Your Own Way with Brittany A Johnson


A podcast is for the busy woman (men are welcome too) especially moms who want to learn more about themselves, learn how to change unwanted behaviors, and find the balance and boundaries they desire and need to live their lives as they see fit. *this is not a substitute for therapy

The stigma around mental health is long standing. We are actively working to dismantle the notion or idea that if you live with a mental illness that you can’t be successful in life let alone in business. Angie gives us insight into how she learned about her mental illness and how she has been on the path to live the life she wants to live.
Thank You Angie for being vulnerable in sharing your experiences
About Angela:
Angela M Mitchell is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and result-oriented content marketing
strategist and content creator.
Over the last five years, she has provided innovative and transformational business strategies and
marketing solutions for several brands, including her own, in various industries, increasing their
profitability and growth.
She is the Executive Director of Sales, and Marketing for Victorious You Press and has an
extensive background in email marketing, content creation, social media marketing, copywriting,
digital marketing, brand development, and more. And she is passionate about helping companies
position themselves for long-term sustainable growth while creating an unmatched customer
Angela is also the founder and CEO of Back to Her, where she teaches and supports women
entrepreneurs and service-based business owners to eliminate mindset barriers, identify their
expertise, and create profitable brands. She does this through personal and professional
development programs that empower them to be the highest and most truthful expression of
You can learn more and work with Angela here:
Instagram: @brittanyajohnsonlmhc
Facebook: @brittanyajohnson

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