Divorce Conversations for Women

Divorce Conversations for Women


Divorce produces more stress for women than any other life event except for the death of a spouse. Even at the best of times, financial confidence may seem out of reach. It requires diligence and a deep understanding of your finances. For many of us that is a difficult, sometimes impossible task. We live in a complicated world. It’s not just a matter of income coming in and expenses going out. Having access to knowledge and sound information can provide you with the confidence to face those decisions from a place of clarity. Knowing where you are at today and what you need to do moving forward can allow you to be more confident through this difficult transition. Join us for practical financial knowledge, tools and inspiration to help you confidently move forward to your new destiny.

“Don’t be afraid to be your own advocate.” Attorney Brian Blitz and Rhonda have an eye opening conversation about the divorce process, how it affects women, and ways to get the support you need. Spoiler: it takes a team; one that will provide the strategy you need to come out ahead.

About today’s guest:

Brian says:

You do better for people when you do better with people. That’s not only my approach to matrimonial law, it’s my approach to life. Working with clients through some of the most difficult periods of their lives, I approach my work as a Principal at the Berger Schatz law firm with a combination of optimism, empowerment, and lightheartedness because I’m out to change the image of a stereotypical divorce lawyer.

I am an experienced and highly respected family law attorney, often praised for my compassion and holistic approach to solving family law problems. I’ve represented professional athletes and other celebrities, business owners, C-suite executives, medical professionals, and their spouses in a variety of family law matters. I help my clients navigate complex business valuations, characterization of marital and non-marital assets, and child support and maintenance issues.

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Your host is Rhonda Noordyk, CFEI, CDFA®, CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center

Rhonda has dedicated her career to being an advocate for women and educating them on how financial strategies can impact their personal and professional success. Her work has shown women going through a divorce how to have a voice, be assertive, get results, be driven, and move forward with confidence.

For Rhonda and her company, the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, helping women isn’t just about running the numbers. It’s about asking the right questions, demystifying myths and biases around finances, and helping women walk in their power. Rhonda is passionate about helping her clients navigate a broken system and level the playing field so they can achieve success—pre, during, and post-divorce.

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