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The Heart of Hospice is dedicated to helping personal and professional caregivers who are serving people who need hospice. The mission is to provide information and education so people can make informed choices in regard to hospice.

GrandPad founder Scott Lien is talking with us about GrandPad’s best features and how it keeps older adults connected. Older adults often feel isolated, and the pandemic separated them even more from family and friends. The GrandPad device is simple for seniors to set up. Customers can access white glove customer support with questions 24/7/365. The best thing about GrandPad’s convenience is the inclusion of 4G LTE, so it doesn’t require the household to have wifi. Offering things like games, video chats, simplified Zoom capability, email, and mood-enhancing apps, the GrandPad has something for every senior. “Connecting families and creating rich communication has always been at the heart of what we wanted to do at GrandPad”, reports GrandPad co-founder Scott Lien. With guidance from their advisory group of super-seniors, GrandPad has created an easy to use, safe tablet that reduces isolation and loneliness.

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