Dying of Laughter

Dying of Laughter


DYING OF LAUGHTER with Chelsea London Lloyd is a podcast featuring interviews with millennial comedians and funny-at-heart humans with a deceased parent or sibling. Lloyd grew up with two sick parents; her dad died of ALS after a 15 year journey + her mom currently combats stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for the second time. Bonus episodes include interviews with grief counselors, funeral directors, cancer survivors, previvors, therapists, life coaches, oncologists + genetic counselors to name a few.

Kyla hails originally from the sassy and saucy streets of New York City, which explains her sarcastic, snarky, and sometimes savage sensibilities. In search of sunshine, Kyla sallied-forth to Los Angeles, where she smells sea shells by the sea Schoer. Kyla loves wordplay, silliness, and chutzpah. With a BFA in msical theatre from The Hartt School (University of Hartford), Kyla holds a deep appreciation for drama and a feverish passion for comedy. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2020.

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