Bevin: A Femme Over 40 and her Friends

Bevin: A Femme Over 40 and her Friends


Hi, I’m Bevin! I’m blessed with wise, funny and fascinating friends! You’re invited to listen to some great conversations about how we stay resilient, fabulous and thriving! I’m passionate about self love and empowering other folks to love themselves exactly as they are. I’m always getting better, not older. I know that the kinder I am to myself the easier it is for me to learn, grow and stay looking a lot younger than I would if I was stressed about aging and the effects of gravity on my body. Welcome to the party! Support this podcast:

After a car accident landed Jennifer Axcell on 13 prescriptions, many opiods, she was able to heal with cannabis. Wanting to help folks get better guidance for making health choices with cannabis she co-founded the first free cannabis nurse hotline. Folks from anywhere can connect with a cannabis trained nurse to discuss treatment options for use–including first time cannabis use.

Jennifer is a natural in the entrepreneurial space and we spent a long time talking about finding your purpose, uniqueness and figuring out how to do yourself on purpose and level up. Join our lively conversation and I hope it empowers you to step up your healing. to donate or learn more about the hotline

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