Better than Yesterday

Better than Yesterday


Your outlook on life can change your circumstances. We are on a quest to interview top athletes, mindset coaches, nutrition gurus, and the average Joe. Each episode is a peek into someone’s personal journey through growth, hardships, learning, and much more.

On maybe one of the most inspiring episodes to date, Annie Mayfield is with us this week. Annie is an author, entrepreneur, and 9-5’er. On the show, we went into detail about her process of writing Be Your Own Hero. Her book was turned down 11 times before being accepted by a publisher. Annie tells how disappointing that process was, but how she kept getting up and going to the next one.

Annie is a voice for all twenty-somethings who are on the road to self-development. She talks about the difference between consuming information and taking action, how your why determines your path, and how she takes care of herself while maintaining a busy schedule.

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