The Podcast for Coaches with David Sargant | Grow Your Coaching Business | Credibility Coach®

The Podcast for Coaches with David Sargant | Grow Your Coaching Business | Credibility Coach®


The Credibility Coach ® Podcast for Coaches with David Sargant is a peer-to-peer podcast for coaches dedicated to helping you build, grow and scale a successful coaching business by learning from other coaches, thought leaders and subject experts. Whether you’re a business coach, life coach, health coach or any other type of coach, if you’re unsure of how to start a coaching business from scratch, you’ve just started an online coaching business and you’re wondering how to get your first coaching client, or you’re simply looking for ways to get more coaching clients fast, you’re in the right place. This is the Podcast for Coaches hosted by marketing coach David Sargant Credibility Coach ®. Credibility Coach ® was founded by David Sargant in 2016 to help you grow your coaching business. My coaching niche is marketing for coaches and my content on how to grow your coaching business will help you get coaching leads and clients. Many coaches struggle with lead generation, David Sargant provides marketing coaching for coaches to help you achieve coaching business success. On the Podcast for Coaches, I share tips on marketing for coaches and also interview real coaches who are happy to share their coaching business strategy and how they get more coaching clients.

From Corporate Job to Successful Coach | Coaching Business Tips with Karie Kaufmann

In this episode of the Credibility Coach® Podcast for Coaches, David Sargant welcomes Karie Kaufmann. A San Diego Business Coach certified with ActionCOACH and Scaling Up.

Karie shares coaching business tips and shares her journey to becoming a successful business coach, pivoting to coaching from a corporate marketing career, and shares her best marketing for coaches and coaching business tips for growing a successful business.

Karie Kaufmann ActionCOACH and Scaling Up, shares how she overcame her struggle with confidence, how to prevent client objections to coaching in the sales process, and the many benefits of hiring a business coach, even if you’re a business coach yourself.

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Karie & David also talk about…

– What it’s like starting a coaching business from scratch
– The biggest challenges or failures she has overcome in her coaching business
– Lessons learned from becoming an entrepreneur
– How to improve your mindset and your business during the covid-19 pandemic
– Her light bulb moment: What she did to launch her coaching business to a new level
– Advice for optimising the sales process
– Hosting virtual events and creating content-based marketing
– Marketing tips and tactics for acquiring coaching clients
– One of the most powerful online business tools in 2021
– What’s keeping her motivated and growth-oriented each day
– Expert advice for new coaches
…and much more!

// Notable Quotes from Karie:

“Momentum is built in the short-term, momentum is not built in the long-term. Momentum is built on activities, not results. You don’t always get the instant gratification of the fruits of your labour… the thing you do today might not pay off for a long time.”

“Things are challenging, no doubt, but I don’t need every business in the world to be my client. I just need a few and there’s still plenty out there who are growing or are looking for help and support and I just need to find those or help them find me.”

“If your eyes are open to it, we have all the content we need. We are never at a lack of sharing value and what we know.”

// About Credibility Coach®:

Thousands of coaches from across the world tune into the Credibility Coach® Podcast for Coaches every month.

On the podcast, David Sargant and his credible guests discuss how to get coaching clients, marketing for coaches and what’s working right now to help you build, grow and scale a successful coaching business.

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Scaling Up:
Google My Business:
Yelp for Business:
TickTick App:
Jim Rome:
Patrick Lencioni:
Your Oxygen Mask First by Kevin Lawrence:
Peter Boolkah:
Peter Boolkah’s webinar:

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