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The Daily Life Coach Podcast


Entrepreneur and Futurist, Victor Young shares his unpublished books on podcast. Once he completes 365 episodes, he will retire and his rags to riches hacks will end. – Owner BMW and Lamborghini Sarasota – CEO, Global Metropolis Investments – Owner, International Auto Spa – Owner, Jaguar Land Rover Ocala – Founder, Zephyrhills Distillery Co – Founder, Global Metropolis Media. Formerly Media & Management Global – Team Owner, USL2 Sarasota Metropolis FC and Dragon City FC (UPSL) Linked IN – @thevictoryoung on Twitter and IG The Daily Life Coach on Facebook TheDailyLifeCoach.Com The Daily Life Coach, Victor Young and his affiliates declare that all content is for entertainment purposes only. All content is opinion only and not presented as professional advice. Do you have a success strategy during the pandemic? If not, take 12 minutes to learn how to get started?

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