The Coaching Show

The Coaching Show


The Coaching Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Master Certified Coach Christopher D. McAuliffe with CoHost Professional Certified Coach Alex Terranova. Whether you’re a veteran of the coaching industry with your own practice, new to professional coaching or are just considering entering the field, TCS is the perfect show to educate and entertain you. Christopher’s guests over the last 10 seasons have ranged from fledgling private practice life coaches to board members at ICF International, and have covered every corner of the business. Dianna Anderson, MCC, is the CEO of Cylient, and the creator of Cylient’s unique approach for instilling Safe and Seen coaching cultures. The Coaching in the Moment® approach that Dianna created has enabled thousands of people, worldwide, to integrate coaching approaches into any conversation with anyone, at any time, in order to build connections and co-create new ways of thinking and working together. Forbes calls Dianna a pioneer in the creation of coaching cultures. She recognized the transformational power of coaching as a leadership style in the early ‘90s when she began her coaching career. Dianna is one of the first graduates from Coach University and a founding member of the International Coach Federation. Dianna received her MBA from the Ivey School of Business in Canada. Show Notes: How have different countries been dealing with the last year? What has happened to the awareness of coaching? “Safe and Seen” What are clients attitudes during your process? Diana’s flagship workshop Diana’s work vs politics Business Website Email Address LinkedIn Page/Profile Business Facebook Page Business Twitter

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