Talking about Coaching

Talking about Coaching


Does what it says on the tin: We talk about coaching. We, that is Yannick, Siawash and Nicki. We love coaching, collectively got a tonne of experience, knowledge and charm; and we all felt it was time to give something back to our wonderful coaching community. Whether you’re a life coach, work with organisations or practice any other form of coaching, you can ask us anything and we’ll discuss it for and with you so you can learn, grow and develop your practice and business skills!

What is effective coaching? And what does an effective coaching session look like? How would you structure a session for an effective outcome? What’s the process? Much of the answers to these questions depend on individual context, but effective coaching also has many elements in common. In this episode of Talking about Coaching our resident coaches Yannick, Siawash and Nicki discuss their takes on effective coaching, how structure provides safety for clients and coaches alike, and why particularly those who are new to coaching will appreciate a clearly structured session to guide them towards an effective outcome. WIth time and maturity, effective coaching may take on many forms and we draw some of these learnings out as we reflect on our fresh, 4-year and decade-long experience, respectively.

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